Telemedicine: Elbow

Welcome to our surgeon-assisted elbow self-examination page!

Your telemedicine elbow appointment with provide and opportunity for you and your surgeon to discuss the nature of your elbow problem, including any pain you may have, your limitations, and your health overall. Prior to your appointment, you can consider taking some notes along the following lines: Do you take any pain medication? Has your elbow lost motion? Any prior elbow surgeries? (when and what kind of surgery) Had you had cortisone (steroid) injections in your elbow? (how many, when was the last time) Do you feel any numbness or tingling in your hand? (which fingers are the worst)

During our telemedicine appointment you may also be requested to perform a number of tests that will aid without your evaluation. Please consider downloading and reviewing our concise patient guide

Pain severity

On a scale from zero (no pain at all) to 10 (worst pain even), what is your usual elbow pain level?

Subjective elbow value

If you consider a normal elbow 100% normal, what percent of normal is your bad elbow currently?

10% normal? 25% normal? 50% normal? 70% normal?… Pick any percentage value!